Sentry Waste Solutions
Protection Against High Waste & Recycling Costs

How much do your services cost?
As contingency contractors, we work on a performance basis and charge no upfront fees.  We simply share in any savings we uncover for your company.  Our fees are removed from your existing waste budget once the new program is implemented and the savings are realized. If we find no savings, there are no fees.

Are you a waste hauler or do you work for a waste hauling company?
No. Sentry Waste Solutions is not affiliated with, nor do we represent any hauling companies, recyclers or landfills. We're vendor independent and unbiased. We work directly with your vendors to improve your waste management operation and lower your waste and recycling costs. This is very important because true independent advice can only come from companies unencumbered by such relationships.

How much work is involved for my staff?
We do all the work, not add to your task list. We perform the expert analysis on a site by site basis; typically a 90-120 day process overall. We then return with our recommendations review and request approval to proceed. We take this entire task off your hands allowing you to focus on your core competencies and grow your business.

Why do we need your services?
We understand waste disposal is not one of your largest expenses; however it still demands attention and most of our clients simply don’t have the time, resources or expertise to deal with it. We manage all your waste and recycling requirements and provide a single point of contact for all your vendors. Long term price stabilization benefits your budgeting process. And we typically reduce this expense line item by 30-50%.

Will I have to switch vendors?
No, we work with your existing vendors. However we may recommend changes for your approval if it results in a net financial gain for your company.

What if my company has multiple locations?
Most of our clients have multiple locations either regionally or nationally. EWS has 700 Affiliates throughout the US and Canada who provide local market intelligence benefitting all your remote locations.

How do your services affect the relationship with my current vendors?
We work with all major/national waste and recycling vendors. Our network of 700 Affiliates are also tuned-in to their local markets and offer insight to smaller, regional haulers who provide quality service. Since we award $millions in business annually, the waste haulers respect our effort to cut our clients costs and understand they must provide superior service in order to be considered. The net result is actually an improved and more respected relationship.

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